Sexonlain chat - Updating environment variables

For more information refer to the Chef metadata page: file.

You may also see this warning if foodcritic has not been able to infer the name of your cookbook correctly when the cookbook directory does not match the name of the cookbook specified in the include.

This rule is very simple and looks only for resources that all differ in only a single attribute.

updating environment variables-3

It is not displayed for variations between cookbooks. While it’s often considered a more chef like coding style to use not_if and only_if within the resources, there are several downsides to this including the inclusion of the resources within resource collection and reporting.

This warning is shown if: * you have a cookbook that installs a Rubygem for use from Chef * the cookbook uses the compile-time gem install trick which is deprecated from Chef 0.10.10 and is replaced by the first class Conditional attribute returns a string This example matches the FC026 rule because it returns a string from the block.

This rule currently only checks for use of This warning is shown when one or more variables passed into a template by a template resource are not then used within the template.

This is often a sign that a template still contains hard-coded values that you intended to parameterise.

Modified version This modified example would not match the FC005 rule.