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To Dempsey's family, a Jewish person was someone unusual."They don't meet a lot of people not like them, and while they don't come off as trying to be offensive, they weren't sure what to make of Dave being Jewish," said Dempsey. Russell was interested in Lauriston right away, but at first it wasn't mutual.

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"My mother's response was, 'thank God that boy has got some color.'"Ana explained that her mother is bi-racial like baby Noah and her skin is very light."Her whole life she has had to explain that she is African-American and people wouldn't believe her," said Ana.

"Especially in light of the fact that her brother had blond hair and blue eyes."She didn't want her grandson to go through the same struggles that she's endured her whole life."If he didn't look like me I think she was worried about the looks or questions we would face," said Ana.

"They are very Christian and I am Jewish so they were surprised and had a lot of questions about my Judiasm."Dempsey said things got a little strange because of her family's background.

"My family on my dad's side are all Caucasian, Republican, and extremely religious," she said.

"It was less of a fear and more of a wish that encountering prejudice would be a little bit easier for him."Ana said that a different assumption about Noah annoys her.