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Ray picked the band, but his band members unbeknownst that his bandmates had already voted him out because they felt he was too committed to his job at the hospital. However, the relationship was complicated by the arrival of paramedic-turned-medical student Tony Gates, who also took an interest in Neela.

Ray has a sister named Grace Barnett who lived in the U. Ray did not keep his feelings for Neela a secret; he remained bitter and hung up on her.

What was your biggest concern in playing women on stage? [Laughs.] In Shakespeare’s time, female roles were played by boys with unbroken voices who may have looked and sounded female.

But everybody knows I am a man wearing a woman’s costume, so I concentrated on the emotional storyline of the character.

He shows off his cutting edge prosthetic legs to everyone, appearing in no way disabled or uncomfortable with his life post injury. Simon Brenner and expressed his initial dislike of him after he came onto Neela in front of him.