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Most people know we met online but for some reason I still feel kind of silly explaining how we met :)My brother and I always used to fight over who got to use AOL!Funny memories of arguing over it, being grounded, etc.We ended up in our underwear smoking his hookah and walking out for frozen pizza at 3 in the morning. I met my partner on an online multiplayer video game. He invited all of us to play matches together on a regular basis.

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Several whims later, we've been together for 5 1/2 years and married for 2 1/2. i only met three guys on websites that were specifically geared toward dating - of those three, one i met on the site's forum, and one i met as a friend while we were both in relationships and we didn't start dating until over a year later.i met my most recent ex as a result of a girl pretending to be me on a few websites...

I might not have done it if we had lived in a big city. not exactly the 'traditional' online dating path. He sent a message, I sent my number, he called within a day, we met in person within a week, and had instant chemistry from day one. We've been living together for over a year as well.

Our first date consisted of getting ice cream and going on a motorcycle ride up a mountain.

I married him 2 years later :)Went on for a 2 weeks, had a few nice dates, met a great guy, been dating him for a couple months.

We decided to give it a shot, so he drove up to meet me one weekend after talking on skype and the phone for hours every night. We now live together and we're going to Disney World for our two year anniversary in October.