Dating a smart girl Youcams free chat strip lines

Most short guys are afraid to date a women taller than them, so the tall women see someone like my brothers as a scarce resource.They therefore get resentful when they see a short women date a tall guy.Most importantly, be yourself, since that's who you want the girl to be attracted to.

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In addition, presenting yourself as a smart and outgoing guy will likely get her to notice you.

In the case of shy, smart girls, the phrase, "Birds of a feather flock together" is especially true.

Making a shy, smart girl feel comfortable and relaxed around you is essential in getting her attention, so do your best to make her feel secure and desired.

When you're with this girl and some other peers, compliment her in front of them, or mention something she's recently done.

But don't get mad, because you REALLY don't want to be with him/her if s/he is that shallow.