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Sam also brought Luke to the Outlander premiere and several private parties. After this trip, the gay rumors about Sam were everywhere and Luke -an actor and writer- deleted ALL his SM.

People who met Heughan at the British theatre, say that Sam was openly gay before the STARZ contract:[quote]"Knew him in the theatre scene back in the day. And openly gay then."[quote]"Oh darling, of course I’m an old gossip. Everyone in the biz knows he’s gay, which is not a big deal here.

I'd drop the "almost," except lighting and camera angles make a positive ID tricky. This same man used to post very regularly on Sam's original Twitter account, then went almost completely silent after Sam started to gain some fame.

I believe he was a long-time love."More sources about Sam being gay, from the previous threads:[quote]"I’ve known he’s gay since right after he was cast.

He's almost 38, never married, no legit girlfriends though his PR team is pathetically pretending otherwise in SM. The bios that stated he was gay, have been scrubbed.

Last year, Heughan and his rumored bf -Luke Neal- spent over a month travelling together around the world.

Kind of a blur, clumsily done, which is why JA came on the scene.