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You also have the option of “Turn off Hard Disk after” a set time. This may keep your system hard-disk and CPU running for ever, but manually you can turn on Hibernate and Sleep, which is a fix for this kind of problem.

Generally, this configuration is required for saving power. [Source : For G6 kind of laptops, it is the problem with new BIOS. But reverting back to F.46 can fix the restart issue. Some laptops can have restart or reboot issues during installation or setup.

But most likely this issue looks temporary, which may be due to “unexplainable” features of Windows 10.

Sometimes your Windows 10 PC or laptop restarts after sleep. Generally, this can happen after PC goes to hibernate and instead of waking, it will just restart.

Starting from HDMI problems, monitor troubles to Update issues, it is giving its users a nightmare.