Camille grammer dating her friend nick

We haven’t yet seen Taylor at work in what Russell calls her “little company” so we have to assume that he’s footing the bills. The episode opens as Taylor is buzzed into Alan and Layna Friedman’s über-tacky jewelry store in Beverly Hills.

Alan wears peculiar rose-colored spectacles and a heavy gold “fly” wallet chain as he and Layna give Taylor the guided tour. As a creepy Mad Hatter does tired card tricks with a live cat on his shoulder, it’s inevitable that somebody is going to take a dump on this pompous affair.

If Camille doesn’t have the children, that means she won’t have 4 nannies anymore! Nick from his wife now that her divorce is final and Kelsey Grammer has filled her wheelbarrow and shovel with to million dollars.

Sources say that Camille is already raising her head and blowing out a trail of haughty HAHAHAs at this move.

Camille believes that the kids really want to live with her and Kelsey shouldn’t even get sole custody of her old titty implants since he’s the one who turned around and walked away from his family.

How desperately we hoped that New York housewife Countess Lu Ann “one-hit-wonder” de Lesseps would show up to growl, “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” Instead, cash registers sang between each commercial break. You may no longer have access to your ex-hubby’s fortune, but we’re certain some of the ladies of 90210 need lessons in etiquette.

We could only shake our heads in disgust and remind each other that, well, “elegance is learned, My! Duck-billed Taylor’s husband Russell might be homely and controlling, but he sure is loose with the cash, especially when it comes to 4-year-old daughter Kennedy’s upcoming birthday party.

Lisa recounts how she brought her children up in the English and French countryside before everything went wrong when they arrived in “toxic” Beverly Hills. He doesn’t have that glazed-over, where-are-the-Oreos look that Ne Ne’s son Bryson maintains on .